NCCYC Basketball Supplemental Rules

Updated Monday August 17, 2015 by Butch Rosier.

North County CYC Supplemental Basketball Rules - 2007 / 2008 This page supplements the official 2007/2008 CYC Basketball rulebook

Page 13, Rule 1, Section 14, change to: It is suggested that a visible game clock and scoreboard be available in every gym. However, whatever clock an' scoreboard is provided for each gym shall be considered official.

Page 16, Rule 3 Section 2, Article 2, change to: All teams are required to wear uniforms jerseys of similar color with a permanently attached number on front and back. The size of the number will be left to the discretion of the NCCYC District. If an official finds a duplicate number on a player (before or during the game), the manager must remove one of the players until such time that the violation has been corrected. Numbers shall NOT be altered with tape, pen, magic marker or any other means. Players without proper uniforms should not be allowed to play. A violation of this rule will result ii an automatic forfeit. Uniforms or lack of same are not a protest-able item. In NCCYC only, a player may wear a white tee shirt beneath his/her jersey, regardless of jersey color. All members of the team must be in the same color tee shirt, if worn. Of your team goes to the Archdiocesan Playoffs, it must be prepared to adhere to the UNIFORM requirements as written on page 44 of the current rulebook.)

Page 27, Rule 5, Section 5, Article la, change to: All games must start at the time indicated upon the official schedule. A team with five (5) players on the floor/bench must start on time. There is NO grace period.

Page 28, Rule 5, Section 5, Article 1: Disregard paragraphs b, d and e.

Page 28 Rule 5, Section 5, Article 2a, change to: The NCCYC District game times are as follows: Junior and Juvenile Seven (7) minute quarters (stopped clock) Intermediate, Cadet, Crusader 'A' Six (6) minute quarters (stopped clock) (Stopped Clock - the clock will stop for all DEAD BALL SITUATIONS (whistles) and TIMEOUTS.) Crusader 'B1, Midget Nine (9) minute quarters (running clock) (Running clock - the clock will stop ONLY for TIMEOUTS and in the final two (2) minutes of the game in all DEAD BALL situations (whistles).

Page 28, Rule 5, Sections 5, Article 213. Disregard

The following are not new rules, but ones that are often questioned, please read and be advised that they will be enforced - NO EXCUSES !!!

Page 16, Rule 3, Section2, Article 6: NO JEWELRY IS ALLOWED even if covered by tape. Page 27, Rule 5, Section 2, Articlel: Three (3) points will be awarded for a basket 'made' in all leagues playing on a court that is properly marked. Page 38, rule 9, Section 13: NO PRESS RULE, the defense must stay three (3) feet back from the Half Court Line. One (I) warning per team. Page 40, rule 10, Section 5: CYC BENCH CONDUCT - READ AND HEED !!!

HELPFUL HINTS: Page 15, Rule 2, section 11, Articlel, NOTE: It is strongly recommended that the players be entered into the scorebook in numberic sequence by uniform number. Page 13, Rule 2, Section 4, Articles 2 & 3: HOME team is scorebook keeper VISITOR team is clock / time keeper