NCCYC Softball Supplemental Rules

UpdatedMonday August 17, 2015 byButch Rosier.

1.  Rule 1, Sec 57 ( Page 14)  -  Delete.



2.  Rule 2, Sec 1 (Page 17)  -  The pitching distance for the Atom Division shall be twenty-seven (27) feet.  Base distance is the


     same as Bantam.




3.  Rule 2, Sec 2.a and Sec 4 (Page 17)  -  Only the 6” x 24” pitching plate shall be used.




4.  Rule 3, Sec 1 (Page 18)   -   Add n)  The 2-1/4” diameter Little League bat is legal.  The T-Ball bat is legal if the proper safety


     grip is affixed, except that a minimum of eight (8) inches is allowed.



5.  Rule 3, Sec 2 ( Page 18)  -  Replace with:


     Official Softball


               A.  Shall be a regular, smooth-seamed, flat surface, dimple-textured (not pebble-textured) with concealed stitches.


   B.  Shall have a center core made of either #1 quality long fiber kapok, a mixture of cork and rubber, a polyurethane


                       mixture, or other materials approved by North County Catholic Youth Council.


               C.  May be hand or machine wound, with a fine quality twisted yarn and covered with Latex or Rubber cement.


               D.  Shall have a cover cemented to the ball by application of cement to the underside of the cover and sewn with waxed


                       thread of cotton or linen. If the cover is molded, it can;


                               1.  Be bonded to the core or


                               2.  Be of the same composition as the core. Either molded type must have an authentic facsimile of stitching.


               E.  Shall have a core of chrome-tanned, top grain horsehide or cowhide; synthetic material; or other materials approved





                                                                County Catholic Youth Council.


F.  The 12 inch ball shall be between 11-7/8 and 12-1/8 inches in circumference and shall weigh between 6-1/4 and 7


                      ounces.  The smooth seam style ball shall not have fewer than 88 stitches in each cover, sewn by the two-needle


                      method or with an authentic facsimile of stitching.


               G.  The 11 inch ball shall be between 10-7/8 and 11-1/8 inches in circumference and shall weigh between 5-7/8 and 6-


                       1/8 ounces. The smooth seam style ball shall not have fewer than 80 stitches in each cover, sewn by the two-needle


                       method or with an Authentic facsimile of stitching.


   H.  The 11 inch ball shall be used in the Atom and Bantam divisions.  The 12 inch ball shall be used in all other


                       divisions. Both must have RED stitching and have a COR of .47.  The cover shall be optic yellow.




6.  Rule 3, Sec 5.E (Page 19)  -  Add:  This includes starter earrings.




7.  Rule 4, Sec 3.a (Page 20)  -  Replace with:.  In the Atom, Bantam, Midget, Crusader, Cadet and Intermediate Divisions, every


     eligible player must be allowed to play two (2) full innings in a seven (7) inning game.





8.  Rule 4, Sec 3.b (Page 20)  -  Replace with:


     SUBSTITUTION RULE:  Unlimited free substitution, including for the pitcher, is allowed in all Divisions.


     NOTE:  Late arriving defensive players may enter the playing field during any timeout.



9.  Rule 4, Sec 3.e (Page 20)  -  Replace:


     Injured Players:


     1)   If a batter is injured and cannot continue batting, or is ejected from the game, the ball and strike count is nullified.  The 


            player is removed from the game and the batting order without penalty.





                If a batter-runner or runner is injured, the player is replaced by the "last out”.  The last player from the previous inning shall be the substitute if there is no "last out” in the current inning.




10.  Rule 4, Sec 3.f (Page 20)  -  Replace with:


       In all divisions, if a pitcher hits three (3) batters in the same inning or a total of five (5) batters during the game, that player


       shall be removed from the pitching position for the remainder of the game.  The following conditions shall apply:


   A.  The batter must make an attempt to get out of the way. (PLATE UMPIRE’S JUDGMENT - NOBODY ELSE’S




               B.  The pitch must be a called ball.


               C.  The pitch must not hit the ground, bat, catcher or umpire before striking the batter. (e.g.  The ball must have an


                       uninterrupted flight from the pitcher’s hand to hit the batter.)


               D.  This rule shall not preempt any rules regarding intentionally throwing at the batter.




11.  Rule 4, Sec 3.h (Page 20)  -  Delete




12.  Rule 4, Sec 4 (Page 20)  -  Add:


       BLOOD RULE: A player, coach or umpire who is bleeding or who has blood on his/her uniform shall be prohibited from


       participating further in the game until appropriate treatment can be administered.  If medical care or treatment is administered


      in a reasonable length of time, the individual will not have to leave the game. The length of time that is considered reasonable,


      is left to the umpire’s judgment.  Uniform  rule violations will not be enforced if a uniform change is required. The umpire  




               A.   Stop the game and allow treatment if the injured player would affect the continuation of the game.


               B.  Immediately call a coach, trainer or other authorized person to the injured player.


               C.  Apply the rules of the game regarding substitution, short-handed and re-entry if necessary.




13.  Rule 5, Sec 1 (Page 21)  -  Replace with:


       All games are limited to one and one-half (1 1/2) hours for Atom, Bantam and Midget Divisions and one and three-quarter


       (1 3/4) hours for all other divisions.  Times are from the scheduled starting time or after the start of the game, if the start time


       has been delayed due to a prior game.  Any new inning, started before the time limit is up, will be completed unless the home  


       team is ahead. The game is official if the playing time has expired, regardless of the number of innings played.


14.  Rule 5, Sec 6.b (Page 21)  -  Add:


        If the time limit is exceeded due to the length of the previous game, then the actual playing time is one and one-half (1 1/2)


        hours or one and three-quarter (1 3/4) hours from the NEW starting time.  All games are assigned one and three-quarter


        (1 3/4) hour or two (2) hour time slots.




15.   Rule 5, Sec 6.f (1), (Page 22)  -  Replace with:  All games will start at the scheduled time. There is NO grace period.




16.  Rule 5, Sec 7.c (Page 22)  -  Replace with:


       CYC strictly uses the win/loss point system.  In case of a tie, a one game playoff will be scheduled for "A” Leagues only.


       "B” Leagues shall have co-champions.




17.  Rule 5, Sec 8 (Page 22)  -   Add:


        In the Atom, Bantam and Midget "B” Divisions, the team at bat continues to bat until four (4) runs have scored or three (3)


        outs have been made, whichever occurs first.  This applies to the first four (4) innings. In any subsequent inning, the


        maximum shall be eight (8) runs.



18.  Rule 5, Sec 11 (Page 23)  -  Conferences with defensive players are unlimited.  See Rule 6, Sec 11 for limits with pitchers.




19.  Rule 6, Sec 4.f (Page 24)  -  Replace with:


       In the Atom and Bantam Divisions only, if an illegal pitch is called by the umpire, he/she shall warn the pitcher and explain to  


       her and the manager what the pitcher did incorrectly, but not impose the penalty: for each additional illegal pitch committed


       by the same pitcher, the umpire shall assess the proper penalty.




20.  Rule 7, Sec 2.e (Page 27)  -  Replace with:


       Players arriving after the game has started, shall be placed at the bottom of the batting order.  If a player has been listed in the


       batting order, but is not present at the start of the game, a line must be drawn through that player’s name. The name will be   


       entered at the bottom of the batting order, when or if she shows up.



21.  Rule 7, Sec 9 (Page 29)  -  Replace with:


       Each batter will receive one warning for releasing a bat in a forceful and dangerous manner.  For the second or subsequent  


       offense by the same batter, the batter will be called out and the ball is dead.  If a batter throws a bat in anger, disgust or a


       display of temper, the batter will be called out; unless she has been called out for another reason, the ball is dead and the


       player ejected with no warning.




22.  Rule 8, Sec 1.a,b, Exception ( Page 29)  -  Replace with:


       In the Atom and Bantam Divisions, the batter shall be automatically out on three (3) strikes (including a dropped third   


       strike). The ball is dead.




23.  Rule 8, Sec 1.c, NOTE (Page 29)  -  Delete.




24.  Rule 8, Sec 4, Exception (Page 31)  -  Delete the current narrative, Add  Exception 1):


        In the Atom Division, a base runner may advance only:


               A.  If forced by a following runner.


               B.  On a batted ball.


               C.  If awarded a base due to an illegal pitch.




                 D.  If forced by a batter becoming a base runner.


               E.  When awarded for obstruction.



25.  Rule 8, Sec 4, Exception 2 (Page 31)  -  Add:


       In the Bantam Division, a base runner may advance by reason of any of the actions in the above rule and by virtue of a play     


       made on ANY base runner.




 Runner on third advances to home on a wild pitch, passed ball or steal and no play is made on any runner. The runner on third realizes her mistake and without time being called, retraces her steps (even if she has touched home plate) while other runner(s) are advancing.  A play is then made on a runner returning to third and she is tagged out. The runner is out and may not be put back on third base. Other runners, if any, continue to advance.




26.  Rule 8, Sec 6.h (Page 33)  -  Add:


       When a fair batted fly ball strikes the foul pole above the fence level or leaves the playing field in fair territory without


       touching the ground or going through the fence, it shall entitle the batter-runner to a home run, unless it passes out of the


       grounds at a distance less than the prescribed fence distance from home plate, in which case the batter-runner would be


       entitled to only two (2) bases.



       Fence distances may be established during ground rules.  The minimum distance shall be not less than


               Atom, Bantam   -   150 feet


               Midget, Cadet, Intermediate  -  175 feet


               Juvenile and up  -  200 feet



27.  Rule 8, Sec 6.n (Page 34)  -  Add:


        In the Atom and Bantam Divisions, if the catcher in returning the ball to the pitcher, over throws the pitcher, this shall not


        be considered a play on a runner.  In all other divisions, the ball is in play.



28.  Rule 8, Sec 7.h (Page 34)  -  Add:  The ball is dead.



29.  Rule 8, Sec 8, Effect 3 (Page 35)  -  Change:


       Delete "the manager,” "coach or”, change to read ...... has been called, any fielder …….




30.  Run limit per inning if B teams involved for 5th grade (Midget) and up.

       If there is a B team involved in a league the following run limits will be used.

A)      An A team vs an A team = no run limit

B)      Any game where a B team is involved (A vs B or B vs B) a limit of 8 runs per inning will be allowed for the entire game.