Softball Manager's Information

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Information for all Managers of teams in the North County CYC Athletic Association

Baseball/Softball 2015


1.      General:

The North County CYC Athletic Association consists of 11 athletic associations in the North County area.  Unless otherwise stated, the Rules and Regulations of the latest issues of the North County CYC Constitution and By-Laws, North County Supplemental Sport Rules and Official Sport Rule Book apply.


2.      Executive Board:

The North County CYC Executive Board consists of the following individuals:


A.     Current Officers:


Chairman                                             Mike Gregory     (BTC)

Vice-Chairman                                    Mike Johnson      (SF)

            Asst. Vice-Chairman                            Terry Madigan     (OLG)

Treasurer                                             John Hughes                    


  1. Active Past Chairmen: 

              Bob Jercinovic             (SS)                 

 Mark Kaufman            (SF)

John  Schlereth            (CC)                



  1. Parish Representatives:

Mark Haley                      St. Ann                                                        (AN)    389-4924

Paul Bober                    Christ Light of Nations                                 (CLN)   753-3341 

Mike Seibman                Sacred Heart                                                (SH)     494-4238

Lisa Smith                      St. Angela Merici                                          (SA)     727-743-5057

Thom Jedding                 St. Rose Philippine Duchesne                       (SR)     363-3298

Jim Stegman                   St. Ferdinand                                                  (SF)      568-2291

Jeff Antrainer                 Blessed Teresa of Calcutta                            (BTC)  521-8056

Billy Guiterez                 St. Norbert                                                    (SN)     578-8764

Rich Heisse                     St. Sabina                                                      (SS)      921-4980

Sean Madigan                 Our Lady of Guadalupe                                (OLG)  494-4238


3.      Mailing Address:

All correspondence, scorecards, protest, etc. should be mailed to:


North County CYC Athletic Association

P.O. Box 712

Florissant, MO  63033




4.      Last Day to Add Players:

The last day to add a player to the roster in Intermediate and down divisions is June 1, 2015.  For Juvenile and Junior divisions, the last day is July 1, 2015.


5.      Telephone communications:

All telephone communication is to be through your Parish Representative or League Coordinator.


6.      Official in Chief (OIC):

Each sport has an official-in-chief (OIC) and one (1) or more assistants.  The OIC supervises the game officials and advises the Executive Board on technical aspects of the game as required.  The OIC for this season is:


Baseball OIC        Robyn Butler             

Softball OIC            Tina Cira                       


7.      League Coordinators:

Each league is assigned a League Coordinator, who is a member of the Executive Board.  The League Coordinator maintains team standings, works with rescheduling games, and most important, is the focal point for the manager’s inquiries.


The home team manager is to call the game scores to the League coordinator within 48 hours of the game.  Coordinators name and phone numbers are listed at the top of your league schedule.


8.   Playing Rules:
Managers should read the Official CYC Rule Book.  Ignorance shall not be accepted as an excuse for violation of these rules.


9. Scorecards:

A scorecard must be completed for each game played, including forfeits.  The home team, the first team named on the schedule, is responsible for furnishing the scorecard.  Instructions are included to guide the manager in preparation of the scorecard.  Fill it out completely, especially the page and round number.  The home team should prepare their section of the scorecard before arrival at the game.  At the game site, before game time, seek the opposing manager and give him/her the scorecard to allow them time to complete their portion prior to the game.



10. Suspensions

Any player, manager, coach or spectator who is placed on report by the game official for misconduct or is ejected from a game for any reason, is indefinitely suspended from all activities under the jurisdiction of the CYC, until he/she is advised of the action of the Executive Board.



11. Official CYC Rosters and ID Cards:

All players and coaches must have an official CYC ID card to be eligible to participate in any game. 

Managers are also encouraged to attend the ‘Coaching to Make a Positive Difference’ training class offered by the CYC (note:  managers of teams going to archdiocesan playoffs are required by the CYC main office to have attended this class, and have the class’ ID number on their roster).  Game officials will match ID cards of each player, manager and coach against the Official stamped CYC roster before each and every game.  Failure to produce an Official Stamped CYC roster before the end of the game will result in forfeiture by that team.  If one (1) or more participant(s) does not have his/her ID card at the start of the game, they have until the end of the game to produce the missing card (s) or the team will suffer a forfeiture.


12. Manager’s Responsibilities:

The team manager is accountable for his/her own actions, as well as his/her players and coaches.  Additionally, the control of his/her team’s spectators and parents falls under his/her jurisdiction and control.  Strict control must be maintained by the manager before, during and after the game.


Managers should avoid becoming emotionally involved in the game by limiting themselves to the technical direction and instruction.  The CYC program is for the children, so let the children play.

Managers and coaches shall stay off of the field unless called on by the game officials.


13. Game Officials:

In cases of emergency arising when the appointed official (s) is unable to officiate, or when the appointed official (s) is unable to continue the game, or is not present, it is permissible, and strongly encouraged to start or continue the game by recruitment of officials from the spectators.  If this occurs, both managers must agree by signing their approval on the scorecard before resuming the game.  The game should be played or finished.


The officials are the representatives of the District, and as such have the authority on the field until they leave.  We must insist respect be shown for proper authority as a part of the essential training in accordance with the purpose of the CYC.  Remember that many of these officials are in a training status as your players are.  If problems occur with an official, notify your League Coordinator, Parish Representative or the OIC.  Do not confront an official before, during or after a game.        


14. Rescheduled Games:

If a manager desires that a game be rescheduled due to an important Parish Event or Academic School Function, which affects the majority of players on his/her team, he/she must notify the League Coordinator at least five (5) days prior to the game, giving details.  If the District Chairman determines that the reason for the reschedule is sufficient and in accordance with established CYC policy, the game will be rescheduled at the CYC’s convenience.  Please note:Games will not be rescheduled to accommodate Boy Scout or Girl Scout activities.  A rescheduled game will be subject to the same rules as regularly scheduled games.



16. North County Hotline:

In case of inclement weather (i.e. snowstorm), check the North County CYC hotline number for any game cancellations.  The hotline number is 921-2922.   We request that only the manager or one representative from each team calls so as not to tie up the line.


17. Duplication of Numbers:

Two or more players wearing the same number is a violation of the rules.  A number may not be altered with tape, magic marker, pen or other means.  It must be attached as described in the rulebook.


18. Game Time:

Game time is start time.  There is no grace period.  The official game time is the time posted on the schedule.  Teams unable to present a team, ready to play at this time, are subject to forfeiture of the game.  Please be ready to play at the scheduled game time.


19. NCCYC web site:

The North County CYC web site address is  On this web site you will find the following and much more.

1) Scores, standings and reschedules

2) The ability to report scores, leave comments or ask questions

3) Information on classes, meetings and other important dates

4) Contact information

5) Parish events and special activities.


We encourage everybody to make as much use of the web site as possible, especially to check the league standings, schedules and upcoming games and events.         




A scorecard must be submitted for each scheduled game, NO EXCEPTIONS!  The Home Team, the first named team on the game schedule, shall furnish the game scorecard.  If the Home Team manager fails to submit a scorecard, it is then the responsibility of the Visiting Team manager to do so.

Prior to the start of the game, the Home Team manager should have completed items 1 through 6.  It is highly recommended that this be done prior to your arrival as the game site. The scorecard should then be given to the Visiting Team manager to complete. The completed scorecard should be given to the game official.

NOTE:  Those players not participating in the game must be so indicated on the reverse side of the scorecard at item 11 or 12, as appropriate.   (Absent, Injured, Sick or Disciplined)